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How To Sleep Well At Night ?


Your company appreciates how Information Technology (IT) Systems have contributed to operational efficiency of your business, such as through Enterprise Resource Management Systems (e.g. SAP Business One).

Or your business might be relying heavily on Internet IT Infrastructure to generate sales, such as though an e-Commerce Website.

How do you ensure that your IT systems are always operating, as any part of the system that breaks down has the potential to reduce your business productivity or even cripple your sales income.

Does the worry about your business supporting IT Infrastructure failing cause you to lose sleep ?

In most cases, you will need to have an IT team who will look at various aspects of your IT infrastructure (such as servers, network, storage etc.) to know how to operate and manage the system.  Do you have a team of staff who are knowledgeable and well equipped to handle day to day support operations ?


If your core business is not IT, you might prefer to focus your staff development and deployment on activities that are more directly related to your business, such as manufacturing products, making sales, and instead outsource the management of your IT infrastructure to an experience Managed IT Services provider to help perform IT functions.


Accrets International partners our clients to support their IT infrastructure.

What We Do:

We Ensure Availability Of Your IT Systems

We monitor your IT infrastructure 24×7, making sure the various components are functioning.

When we detect a problem, we swiftly respond to isolate the fault and take actions to fix.

We Protect Your Data

Your business data is important and you do not want to risk it being compromised.  (e.g. Sensitive HR, Financial, Manufacturing information)

We consider various parts of your IT system and make sure your business data is protected.

  • Only authorise personnel is allowed physical access to equipment processing and storing your data.
  • We assess the security of your IT equipment (Servers, Storage, Network etc.) and ensure their firmware/software is updated to counter any known vulnerabilities.
  • We backup your data on these IT equipment, in case there is a need to recover an earlier version.

IT Disaster Recovery

Sometimes events beyond our control happen.  We may want to make contingencies should such happen.

If your businesses rely heavily on IT to run, a secondary operation site could be pre-setup and we can conduct periodic recovery exercises.

Change Management And Reporting

We keep in contact with you to recommend and implement any changes to your IT infrastructure to keep it up to date.

If required, we may provide periodic standard reports to summarise how well your IT infrastructure is working.

Service Lead

Besides our help desk, we assign a local service lead who you can easily access for service assistance.


We recognise that some businesses may have regulatory requirements for hosted services.

We support your audits and allow escorted access to our hosting environment.

Benefits For You:


Cost Effective Management Solution

We collaborate with you to advise effective IT solutions to deliver your business outcomes, at reasonable investments.


Freedom To Focus On Your Business

Leveraging on the expertise of our managed services team, you need not get distracted by the business of running IT.


You Sleep Well At Night

You rest well knowing that your IT technology support and management is well taken care of.

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