Managed Backup Services

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Managed Backup Services

Your business data is the most valuable asset residing on your IT systems.
In an age where Data is the lifeblood of your businesses, how do you recover your data should it ever get compromised or lost ?

Different kinds of incidents may happen to the IT infrastructure (server, storage, network) or physical site that contains your data. Do you have a solution to protect your business against disaster affecting your IT systems and ensure business continuity ?

An important protection strategy is to ensure you have backup copies of your data that can be quickly restored for business operations to resume smoothly.

As added insurance, would you backup data offsite and even keep multiple copies are different locations ?

Sometimes, regulatory requirements might also dictate that your business archive data for specific duration. How do you stay compliant ?

Does your organization have people with the skills of managing and monitoring data backup/restorations ?

Accrets International provides IT system managed backup as a service (BaaS) to protect your business data.


Our private cloud backup solution stores your data in Singapore.

We even help you monitor and manage data backup activities, freeing you to focus on running your business.

Data retention is tailored to your internal and regulatory requirements.

Backup service charge is billed monthly based on number of backup instances and storage capacity used.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, SUSE, macOS, Red Hat, Oracle, Solaris, Ubuntu, Debian, Micro Focus and AIX.


Source side deduplication reduces data backup storage space consumption up to 90%, Network Bandwidth-saving.

Private Data Storage in Tier 3 Data Centers within Singapore

You know where your data is kept safely. Use our facilities as your secure offsite backup storage.

Regular backup status reporting

So you know data is available is case you need to recover.

Restore options

Bare Metal Recovery (for Microsoft and Linux to similar and dissimilar hardware),

File level restore.

Key Features:

Data Protection for Physical and Virtual servers

We collaborate with you to advise effective IT backup solutions to deliver your business outcomes, at reasonable investments. 

Block level backup

Saves space and time for backup activities, allowing faster restores.

Data retention tailored to meet your internal and regulatory requirements

Archive copies of data to meet law requirements.

24/7 backup process monitoring and management

Data backup activities is managed for you !

Guaranteed SLAs

99% backup success rate, incident response, restore response.

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