Enterprise Connectivity 

Accrets design, setup and manage enterprise connectivity solutions that connect your various business sites in a secure private network.


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Enterprise Connectivity Solutions

Having decided on hosting your business applications on Accrets’ cloud infrastructure to enjoy the computing resource scaling flexibility that it brings, the next critical consideration is how you will connect your various enterprise locations in a private network to securely access your business applications.  You may also think about how you can enable your users to safely access the same resources while they are out of the office environment, for example telecommuting. 

Accrets team works with you to design cost effective solutions to address your connectivity objectives and can provide ongoing management of these solutions. 

Teridion is a solution that helps boost internet traffic performance, especially over long distances.   

Of interest will be how Teridion can help provide a stable and economical solution via internet for companies requiring reliable connection between their China locations and Worldwide locations 


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