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The advent of high-speed internet and online collaboration tools have changed the way people work and jointly achieve common goals.
No longer do people have to meet physically in order to share work materials and ideas.

Online collaboration tools enable people to work together in real time, while they are physically far apart.

People need not be bound at their office to perform work. Internet and remote access tools allow people to have flexibility to work from their home, saving time on commuting travels.

This flexibility to work from anywhere, using digital tools, has enabled businesses to access a diverse group of workforce (permanent, part-time) to deliver business objectives.

It is now even developing into a Gig Economy, where individuals no longer join companies as full time employees. Instead, they avail their expertise (e.g. software programming) to multiple companies who employ them on short term project basis. This might just become the new style of “work skills trading” in the future !

Organizations working on a project can leverage experts from different locations and countries to effectively co-operate on the same project.


While sourcing for online collaboration tools, key features to look out for include:

  • Ability to send instant text messages
  • Ability for voice communication allows you to have real time conversation with others on a call
  • Ability for video conference allows you to see other parties in the same meeting
  • Ability to share screens, so you can view the same material a remote person is seeing
  • Leverage cost effective internet connections instead of expensive oversea calls


These online collaboration tools will include hardware like PCs, Mobiles phones, Earphones, Camera.
There central component is the software application.


Microsoft Teams is an application that provides web cooperation capability.
It is a software application available within Microsoft 365 suite of solutions.

With Microsoft Teams, you enjoy:


Free Chat

One to one, Group


Online Meeting

Get your team members on the same page with Voice Call or Video Conference


Online Collaboration

Enable your team to meet virtually, share screen, share documents


Works on PCs, Mobile Phones

IT hardware that is readily available

Microsoft 365 Subscription 


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