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What Happens When These Meet?

Multi-Cloud Strategy and Cloud Networking


Accrets Webinar 2022: “Multi Cloud Strategy and Cloud Networking What Happens When These Meet?” was presented by the speakers Teng Yeow Lim, Sander Teunissen, and Lim Ping and was conducted on 12th of May, 2022. We thank everyone who joined and was interested to gain some knowledge in Multi-Cloud Networks.

Teng Yeow, one of our speakers shared some valuable information on why Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-cloud strategies are important for a business with the help of some statistics. He was followed by Lim Ping, an expert In GreenLake pay-per-use solutions. The session was concluded by Sander Teunissen, Senior Sales Director at Teridion.

With the help of this webinar, we were able to interact with our audiences and were able to spread useful information. We wish to conduct more such webinars in the future. You can find the recording of the webinar down below, in case you missed it!

Here’s what you’ll learn during this educational Webinar:

Pros and Cons of Multi Cloud Strategy

– How does multi cloud strategy benefit your business ?

How does Intercloud Services Benefit your Business

Benefits of SaaS Business Applications

Benefits of Cloud Networking

How Teridion creates immense WAN power for your business by implementing a multi cloud strategy ?

Our Event Speakers

Teng Yeow Lim

Teng Yeow Lim is Technology Adviser as well as Sales & Technical Director in Accrets International Pte Ltd. He is an accomplished IT professional with decades of experience in large corporations architecting, deploying, and operating diverse technology solutions. (e.g. AI, Deep Learning, Data Warehouses, IoT, Simulation).

Sander Teunissen

Senior Sales Director, joined Teridion in 2021 and is leading the sales in EMEA & APAC , including the expansion of the channel partner community. Teridion, a technology company based in TelAviv, can improve the performance of traffic over the internet, especially when traversing long distances across multiple ISP’s.

Lim Ping

As a GreenLake pursuit, Ping has experience developing several GreenLake pay-per-use solutions for various workloads including BURA, Big Data and VDI, to offer optimized pricings for organisations to scale their business with cost transparency and control.

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