Attending Cloud Expo Asia 2022

Accrets International will be attending Cloud Expo Asia 2022, held in Singapore, on 12th – 13th October 2022 in Booth no H 51.

This is  Asia’s best-attended technology event, which aims to connect technologists and business leaders with experts, solutions and services to help accelerate digital transformation plans.. Thus helping to showcase their products and services to the general public. 

Cloud Expo Asia is an exhibition and conference that addresses subjects like:

  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud management
  • Big Data
  • ECommerce
  • Data Centres
  • Analytics
  • Technology for Marketing
  • Networks
  • Applications
  • Software
  • Hardware

Cloud Expo Asia brings together:

  • Tech management teams
  • Business leaders
  • Business Development
  • Channel & Partner Managers
  • Telecommunications
  • Analysts & Infrastructure Teams from Cloud Service Providers
  • ISVs
  • ISP

Why and what are we presenting?

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe, businesses anywhere in the world were hit by the largest workforce shifts in history. Many organizations faced logistical challenges in moving their employees to remote work. The question was: How to make it work? What can you do to prepare for massive, sudden changes in your employees’ and customers’ behavior and needs? A more general challenge: How can you be successful when it comes to remote working? Well, cloud computing became the answer.

A cloud computing service provides information technology and computing resources via the Internet, such as storage, databases, software, and analytics. Cloud services replace the need for an individual or business to purchase physical servers and data centers.

The three types of cloud computing architecture are: public, private, and hybrid.

In a public cloud, all hardware, software, and the supporting infrastructure are owned and managed by the cloud service provider. Public clouds are typically used by individuals. Private clouds are used exclusively by one organization or business, as their name suggests. In a private cloud, companies may own or lease their own data centers, but many businesses instead use third-party providers to host their private clouds. A hybrid cloud combines both of these models, and has become very popular among businesses

Private clouds offer the ultimate solution to enterprises that want the benefits of cloud computing, but also require increased security, enhanced compliance, and greater control and freedom over their infrastructure and data.

We at Accrets International offer private cloud infrastructure as a service. Thus helping enterprises who wish to host sensitive data in a private cloud.

With Teridion’s network services, Accrets provides solutions to improve enterprise connectivity through IT infrastructure solutions. Specialized in private cloud infrastructure, we partnered with Teridion, which is ideal for all enterprises regardless of their geographic location. Teridion can be implemented with or without an IT department.

The Teridion connectivity solution addresses the challenge where data is transferred from local networks to carriers and service providers.

Taking part in this event allows us to stay in the loop with industry trends and cultivate business relationships.

Where to meet us?

Many of the technology industry’s leading solution providers like Lenovo, HuaweiCloud, NAVERCloud, Hitachi Seagate have signed up with Cloud Expo Asia.

Accrets will be showcasing its services amongst these.

So come and join us if you are looking to partner up with a company with a platform to present its cutting-edge technology solutions to end-users.

Moreover, given the advantages that e-commerce, AI, and fintech clusters have in terms of industry concentration and the ability to attract the sector’s top talent, technology professionals and project leaders will be invited to attend the event and discuss digital trade technologies and how they will be used in the future.

Come and meet us from 12 to 13 October, 2022, Singapore at Asia’s award-winning B2B enterprise technology event, Cloud Expo Asia 2022 in Singapore, at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, booth 51.

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