Teridion is a leading connectivity solution that helps connect businesses by boosting internet traffic performance over long distances. It is currently helping many companies across China to connect to the rest of the world easily. Teridion is a boon for businesses that rely on good internet connections for their day-to-day activities. 

In this world where businessmen crave an effective network and better connectivity, having a strong and reliable internet connection is a must. But even with a strong internet connection, one can face connectivity issues and slow speeds that may hinder the work. As this world is shifting towards the internet, more opportunities are being created for businessmen. Especially for the businessmen in China, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, a strong and reliable connection between their Chinese locations and worldwide locations has become a necessity. Here is where Teridion shines. With Teridion’s connectivity-as-a-solution, it is an ideal service for any business in China that has one or more locations in the rest of the world 

After interacting with many businesses, one common feedback we often heard was the reliability of the internet with the Chinese branches and the branches in the rest of the world. Tasks such as conducting transactions on their IT systems were not initiated or took a lot of time. Teridion can help in eliminating this long waiting time by providing a better and reliable internet connection. In simple words, Teridion can be defined as “High-speed performance from anywhere to anywhere”. The solution boasts over 500 points of presence (PoPs) worldwide. A point of presence is an artificial point between two communicating entities. A simple example of a PoP is the ISP point of presence that connects us with our Internet Service Provider. This enables carrier-speed connectivity and performance anywhere in the world. A lot of users are currently using Multiprotocol Label Switching or MPLS. Although it gives high speeds, it takes weeks to deploy. On the other hand, Teridion is quick and deploys in just a few hours. 

Accrets facilitating the deployment and management of Teridion services are beneficial for the user. With 500 PoPs, you’ll get the lowest latency possible, super high internet speeds, simple IPsec connectivity (through standard broadband), carrier-grade SLA, super-fast deployment, lightning-fast file transfers, pristine voice, and video sessions, and MPLS-level performance, without the expense of costly carrier circuits or deploying an MPLS network! Teridion’s network relies on a global network of over 25 cloud providers, ranging from large cloud services like AWS and Microsoft Azure to smaller, local providers.  This multi-cloud approach ensures that the solution can balance workload needs, prevents vendor lock-in and single point of failure risk, and can accelerate access to any public cloud provider, remote site locations, or SaaS regardless of your start or endpoint. Teridion’s Network-as-a-Service fuses proven WAN acceleration techniques with real-time, metric-driven route optimization, which nearly eliminates slow connections and latency issues. In simple words, a fast, steady and reliable connection is waiting for you! 

Do you also think that every business should have dependable communication with their branches around the world to maintain smooth business operations? If you said yes, then for companies in mainland China, Teridion Connectivity Solution by Accrets is the perfect answer to this question. Cross-border communication for businesses is a real-time problem that demands real-time solutions. Providing MPLS like SLAs, here’s when Teridion comes in for the aid. As you know Teridion is compliant with the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), it seamlessly connects to any broadband connection and there are multiple uses as well. Working together with Teridion’s technology and expertise, Accrets promises reliable and cost-effective solutions for businesses connecting their various Worldwide work locations, to Accrets’ Private Cloud, to Cloud based software-as-a-service applications.  

Accrets-Teridion Connectivity is the much-needed solution that every Chinese company with its offices around the world should have! 


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