In today’s digital era, more and more businesses are searching for reliable website hosting solutions to establish an effective online presence. With the rapid advancement of web hosting services such as VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Cloud Hosting, several hosting options have become popular in recent years. Due to its multiple benefits, Cloud Hosting has become the host of choice for businesses of all sizes.

Let’s begin this article by discussing the benefits of fully managed cloud hosting. But before we proceed, let’s take a look at what cloud hosting is, what Managed Cloud Hosting is, and who should use it.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is something you’ve probably heard of if you have ever looked into hosting a website or app.

Cloud technology enables you to spread your website or app data across multiple, interconnected servers, located throughout the globe, instead of hosting it on a single machine. Since these servers are virtual, they are called cloud servers.

A cloud hosting service is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model that provides remote/virtual services. Cloud computing enables on-demand delivery via a cloud infrastructure.

As described in techopedia, cloud hosting refers to the use of virtual hardware, networking, storage, and composite solutions provided by cloud vendors. An infrastructure or data center can be virtualized by distributing its entire computing capacity to many users simultaneously. Data, services, and applications are hosted by the user on the underlying infrastructure. Several cloud servers, each sharing the same processor, memory, storage, network, etc., can be hosted by a virtualized and consolidated physical server.

Scaling hosted resources is made possible by cloud hosting. Further, cloud hosting can combine the capacity of several servers into one cloud-hosted server. A few examples of cloud-hosted solutions include cloud servers, cloud desktops, cloud storage, and more.

Accrets International can host private cloud infrastructure as a service so that you can enjoy the resource agility that a cloud platform provides and the flexibility to pay according to your usage.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting is an extension of the above where the Cloud Hosting service provider carries out all the backend maintenance and monitoring.

The process where an organization can share and access resources, databases, software, and hardware tools, through a remote network and a lot of servers from a different location, is also known as managed cloud hosting.

The most important thing with managed cloud hosting is security and availability, which come first before even considering costs. Most managed cloud hosting services are provided monthly and run the company’s apps over long periods.

By using managed hosting, organizations can leverage the IT expertise of the service provider. By allowing the cloud hosting provider to handle all of the server management and maintenance work, including regular updates, backups, security patches, and general server upkeep, business owners and their staff can focus exclusively on their business and its growth.

In managed Cloud Hosting, the service provider performs the majority of the technical work. Owners of websites or businesses do not have to worry about setting up or hosting the cloud infrastructure. All support requirements are handled by the technical support staff. Cloud hosting is a better option for new businesses and individuals who lack the technical expertise to handle website hosting. Also, large enterprises that don’t have the time to handle the server needs should opt for a fully managed Cloud Hosting service.

The benefits of using Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed cloud hosting services come with outstanding customer support services, which is one of the advantages of this service. Dedicated cloud hosting services are the best solution for companies that are new to the business, are limited in budget, have maintenance issues, lack the necessary expertise, or have disrupted customer support services. Dedicated cloud hosting comes with 24/7 support.

Managed Cloud Hosting solutions covering everything from software updates to site enhancements to performance monitoring. The maintenance services provided by a dedicated team of professionals will save your company time and enhance its quality.

Before cloud hosting services, any website owner would have needed to manually maintain the hardware and software infrastructure, which is time-consuming, and if not possessed the necessary skills, this would have brought more than a headache. The benefit of using Cloud Hosting is that you, as a business owner, would not worry about such things and focus on your business only. All the maintenance would be handled by the service provider.

If security is your concern when moving all your data to cloud hosting, let’s get one thing straight – data storage solutions are designed in a way that is completely secure, with backup and restoration as well. All cyber security protocols are carefully followed to ensure data privacy as well.

Above everything, non-stop monitoring, regular checks, and performance measurements are provided for your entire website, which can also help you use this data to make future business decisions.

What Accrets International offers

Enterprises that have sensitive business data may want to host their information in a private cloud environment. They may want their dedicated cloud infrastructure to reside at a data center that allows them physical access for audit purposes.

Accrets International can host private cloud infrastructure as a service so that you can enjoy the resource agility that a cloud platform provides and the flexibility to pay according to your usage.

This model is more economical while it offers increased security, reliability, and availability of a private cloud solution.


It may be more expensive for an organization to opt for fully managed Cloud Hosting than to use traditional web hosting solutions.

However, fully managed Cloud Hosting services are worth the money considering the plethora of benefits they provide.

Web hosting is an important part of running a business website, no matter what size your business is. Hosting solutions don’t offer uptime, adhere to the request, or protect data that businesses require. To avoid such a loss of business, choosing the right provider of web hosting services is crucial.

You should identify your requirements, research your options, and choose a cloud web hosting provider that will offer both scalability and reliability.

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