“COVID-19 has made [the public and private] cloud the de facto means by which enterprises will consume IT capabilities… driving increased opportunities for… SPs in providing managed cloud services.”- David Tapper


The IT/IS (Information Technology/Information Systems) outsourcing paradigm has been around since the 1960s. Fast forward about 60 years, and IT outsourcing is a much-talked-about topic.


The master’s thesis titled “Investigation of IT/IS outsourcing in Singapore” by Angela Koh Ser Mui provides the best answer to this question.

“Outsourcing… [is a] …viable business solution that many IT managers are looking into to remain competitive in the current dynamic business and technological environment.”

The next question to ask and answer is why Singapore for IT outsourcing like the IT managed services offered by companies such as Accrets International?

To answer this question, we need to consider a brief history of IT outsourcing in Singapore as well as IT outsourcing statistics for Singapore.


Singapore and IT outsourcing

Although Singapore is one of the smallest countries in Asia and the world, it has successfully transformed itself from a developing nation in the 1960s to a developed nation with modern facilities and world-class infrastructure. Not only are the majority of Singaporeans literate (circa 93%), Singapore is also one of the world’s most computer-literate nations.

As described in the Singapore IT outsourcing statistics, the Singapore government is heavily invested in ensuring that the country is one of the globe’s premier IT/IS outsourcing destinations. Therefore, it stands to reason that IT plays a considerable role in Singapore’s economy. And this role is ever-increasing as it is a significant part of the Singapore government’s economic strategy as the world moves further into the twenty-first century.

IT outsourcing first caught Singapore’s eye in 2003 when the DBS bank outsourced many of its IT functions to IBM, including its infrastructure management (desktop computers, open system servers and data centers, local area and wide area networks, and its mature, mainframe-based legacy software applications, signifying the start of the global IT outsourcing revolution.

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