Article by Harvey Quek, Senior Technical Manager


How do you manage your IT infrastructure ?

Management of your company’s Information Technology Infrastructure can be broken down in the various parts, People, Process and Technology.

These parts can be further divided into:

  • People -> Technical skill set
  • Process -> Governance, Operations, Security Policies
  • Technology -> Systems, Network, Storage, Database


There is a greater need for organizations’ IT staff to upgrade their skills to stay relevant in today’s fast changing world. Technologies like Compute Virtualization has morphed into Hyper converged for Network; Storage and Compute.

Disruptions in our everyday life happen frequently and at a faster pace, due to greater innovations in technology. Organizations are kept on their toes with the ever-increasing changes in technologies and the challenges that these bring about. Organizations not only have to run daily operations but also be on the lookout for new disruptive innovations which could threaten their survival.

Existing security IT policies need to be upgraded to tackle the latest Security threats like Advanced Persistent Threats and Zero Day Malware. The traditional use of Endpoint security no longer is sufficient to fully protect an Organization’s data and assets

With the myriad of cloud services available in the market, it can be confusing and at times frustrating for organizations to choose the proper provider. Organizations may be blindsided by these offers and fail to take into consideration their own unique requirements. They should be looking at solutions that would offer the most benefits towards their organization’s business objectives, while maintaining a competitive edge.


Accrets International provides Infrastructure Management Services to help you operate new technologies to give your business a competitive edge.


Managing New Technologies For Business Edge

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