The popularity of cloud computing has gone up significantly. Because of the shift in data after the twenty-first century, data consumption has increased exponentially, and organisations and individuals are finding it increasingly difficult to keep all of their important information, programs, and systems running on their own computers. While there has been a solution to this problem since the invention of the Internet, businesses have only recently started to use it widely. Despite all its advantages, cloud computing also has many challenges, particularly since it has been extensively used lately.

Why is Cloud Computing so popular?

Using cloud computing, users can access all functions and files on the system without storing most of them on their personal computers, similar to how webmail clients provide access to files and functions. Cloud services are already being used by most people without them even knowing it. Even Facebook and Instagram, as well as Gmail and Google Drive, are cloud-based applications. Data is stored on a cloud server for later access with all of these services. As well as being useful for personal use, these applications can also be helpful to companies that need to access large amounts of data remotely.

The development of cloud computing solutions, however, remains a challenge for some executives. To illustrate the benefits of cloud computing, we’d like to share 8 examples:

1.Cost savings





6.Disaster recovery

7.Damage prevention

8.Automatic software updates

Cloud computing is rapidly gaining popularity as a result of these benefits. However, things are not always this nice with cloud computing as like every other technology, it faces challenges too. Let’s dive into those challenges one by one.

Cloud computing and its challenges


The biggest threat to cloud computing data security is mysterious threats like hackers and viruses.

It is important for entrepreneurs to consider these things before using cloud computing technology for their businesses. You should have a cloud security and management system in place once you transfer important data to a third party.

At Accrets, we recommend security solutions to ensure your IT environment is protected against malicious attacks (DDOS, Malware etc.)

Insufficient Resources or Expertise

When it comes to cloud computing, employers still have difficulty finding employees with the skill sets they need.

Cloud technologies continue to advance rapidly, increasing the amount of workloads placed in the system. Organizations are struggling to keep up with tools as a result of these factors. Expertise is also in high demand.

The best thing to do in such cases, depending on the company profile, of course, is to outsource such services to a cloud computing service provider. They have the staff to set up and maintain your company’s cloud, along with the responsibilities of its maintenance.

This is why we at Accrets offer such services. For all your enterprise IT requirements, our experienced consultants will design a purpose-built cloud computing solution to support your business needs.

Pricing and Performance

What is the monthly cost of cloud computing? This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to cloud services. For one server, cloud server pricing is around $400 per month, and for the entire back-office infrastructure, it is about $15,000 per month.

A number of companies have already moved their applications to cloud computing servers, including Google, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These websites generate a lot of data.  A remote server located in a different country provides access to the Data today. Rendering the data from nearby locations is done using multi-stage servers.

There are three methods of payment for cloud computing services:

  1. Pay only what you need

The standard pricing model used by most cloud providers is pricing on demand. You only pay for the resources you use in this model.

As your capacity changes, you can easily adjust the scale of your resources.

  1. Save when you commit.

This plan is mostly when you want to commit for two or three years to cloud services.

  1. Pay more with less

This plan is ideal for companies who are growing and need more storage in the long run. The more you use cloud services the less you will pay for them. This way they can control their spendings and focus on what they need.

At Accrets we provide Private Cloud Hosting, where you may choose to subscribe to our ‘Infrastructure As A Service’ (aka IAAS) and enjoy pay-as-you-go prices.


These days, most companies are not only working on a single cloud. As per the

Different from hybrid cloud, where you can use both public and private clouds, using a multi-cloud means using more than just one cloud.

Over the next three years, IBM forecasts that the number of companies using multiple clouds will grow to 98%. Currently, less than 50% are using multi cloud strategy. Most of the time this causes security issues because it is hard to adapt to different clouds.

This challenge can be won if companies apply strategies like:  re-thought procedures, staff training, change of tools, relationship management and studying more about the technology.


Such challenges regarding cloud computing can be eliminated when having skilled staff and great management.

Also, a lot of tools like cloud cost management solutions, automation, containers, auto-scaling features, and many others can help to reduce these challenges.

What is great about skilled professionals is that they can help train the staff about such issues.

But this also depends on the nature of your company. Tech-companies do have IT departments and such professionals. But if you’re in a different industry, it is probably best if you trust such services to a professional cloud provider.

Accrets is a great choice when it comes to cloud management. Their pricing plans are great and you won’t need to worry about a thing as long as they maintain your cloud.

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