Is Server Virtualization Still Good Enough?

What can OpenStack do that Traditional Hypervisor Cannot?

Accrets Webinar 2021: “Is Server Virtualization Still Good Enough” was presented by our speakers Teng Yeow and Cory. We appreciate this wonderful opportunity to interact with not only our clients but also everyone who are interested in OpenStack.

Our speaker, Teng Yeow, shared the history of computing, server virtualization, underpinnings of cloud as well as future of computing.  Following that, our speaker Cory, who specializes in Enterprise and Data center infrastructure, demonstrated using OpenStack Cloud management platform to quickly provision a webserver instance.

We had a wonderful time organizing and running this webinar, which has enabled us to interact with our audiences virtually during this Covid-19 period. We really appreciate every attendee allocating precious time to join our webinar and please check out our recording below, if you would like to find replay it!

In addition, you may visit our “Private Cloud” website: https://www.onaccrets.com/ to try out demo of OpenStack Self-provisioning Portal.
(Onaccrets.com -> Click on “Demo” which is placed on the right-hand top corner, highlighted in Yellow)

We have used server virtualization technology to partition a physical server into separate compartments to run different software applications, with desire to maximise utilization of computing resources on that physical server.


Will this method continue to work for the next 10 to 20 years ?


If we are planning to build new software applications (e,g, cloud native) that provide our business a competitive edge, how does our IT infrastructure need to be prepared ?


Will preparing such an IT infrastructure always involve high hardware and licensing costs ?


How can such an IT infrastructure have self-provisioning capabilities that each of our project teams may self-help within an allocated bucket of computing resource ?

Here’s what attendees have learnt during this educational Webinar:










Understand the key computing milestones

– History of computing 

Have a substantial appreciation of fundamental differences of VM, HCI, and Openstack

-Why Virtualize Servers?
-Hyper-converged Infrastructure : What Is it?

Know the differences between Private & Public cloud

View a demo of Self-provisioning portal built on OpenStack

Check out Our Recording Here! 
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