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Cloud infrastructure as a service (Also known as IaaS) is a type of cloud computing, whereby infrastructure components are hosted virtually, rather than being physically present in a data centre. As a service, a host may provide a business or company with the opportunity to use their hardware via cloud computing. This can include a variety of components consisting: servers, storage or networking hardware. IaaS is a positive choice for many businesses, providing increased security and efficiency for all the hardware resources you could ever need, without the massive costs to purchase the resources for yourself.

An IaaS provider/host can also provide a wide range of services alongside the initial infrastructure service. These accompanying services often help to improve the security and management of the infrastructure, with services including: detailed billing, monitoring, log access, security, load balancing and clustering. Many providers also offer services to help improve storage resiliency, such as: data back-up, replication and recovery.

As an IaaS customer, you will access the infrastructure resources and services using a wide area network (WAN), like the internet, and can use the services provided by the host to download any remaining elements of the application stack. As a customer, you can use the provider’s services to perform all your needs and services for your infrastructure.

Every cloud computing and IaaS service requires a provider. This is the group or enterprise that provides a user with the IaaS and surrounding services. This IaaS provider will be in control of providing you with all appropriate services and components, as well as ensuring strong security, management and efficiency for your infrastructure.

Many organisations choose to use an IaaS because it is a far easier and more efficient method to operate a business, removing the need to purchase, set up and manage your own infrastructure. Renting or leasing an infrastructure from another business is often a compelling option for many businesses, this has been made possible through IaaS.

IaaS also provides businesses the opportunity to search for and test for the best possible infrastructure model and equipment through a provider, before deciding to purchase the resources for themselves. You could temporarily lease an infrastructure from an established IaaS provider for a few months, then decide to purchase the resources for yourself to develop a more traditional, in-house set up for your organisation.

Especially for smaller businesses, IaaS can provide an opportunity to use top of the range application, services and components that would otherwise be inaccessible to them, allowing them to access vast amounts of data and processing power, key to scaling the business to new levels of success.

A good IaaS will bring your business new levels of flexibility with your infrastructure, storage and security. This will mean that you can quickly and effectively adapt to new security threats, increase and decrease storage as needed, and change or improve your infrastructure components as necessary. This model allows your business to become completely adaptable, a feature that is not available in other solutions, making your company as efficient as possible.

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