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Cloud Computing is the practice of providing all the IT related services such as storage, processing, management and analysis of data on remote servers that are hosted on the internet rather than using a local server or personal computing devices. By using cloud computing services, any company can have all the advantages that an IT department provides to a company without the need to buy expensive computing equipment and servers. Cloud computing has been extremely beneficial for small and medium businesses who have limited capital to invest in a separate IT department.


Cloud Computing Services:

Most of the cloud computing services can be classified into three main categories that are discussed below.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service):
In IaaS the cloud computing service providers rent IT infrastructure to different companies. This infrastructure includes storage systems, network systems, virtual machines (VM), servers and operating systems. The infrastructure is usually rented on pay by usage basis. It is one of the most basic types of cloud computing services.

PaaS (Platform as a Service):
This type of service is most important for application and software developers as it provides them with a platform on which IT companies can develop, test, deliver and manage different software applications. One of the major benefits of PaaS is that it allows programmers and software developers to quickly create and manage mobile or web-based applications without worrying about working on the underlying platform or infrastructure which usually includes network, storage, servers, databases etc. because they are all being provided by PaaS service provider.

SaaS (Software as a Service):
In SaaS service providers provide tailored software services for a wide variety of business applications. The cloud providers also give companies the service of maintenance, security, and upgrade of the software. The application is available on the internet and the user connects to the application by using any web browser from a PC or handheld mobile device. The applications are usually available on subscription basis and are charged monthly or yearly. SaaS provides businesses with tools such as customer relation management (CRM), marketing software, business analysis software. work productivity tools (e.g. Office 365) etc.


Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has enabled many businesses and continues to shape the future of many others. There are many benefits associated with using these services, some of which are discussed below.

Cost: Cloud computing eliminated the cost that is required for buying and setting up all the expensive equipment that will be needed for any on-premises IT related operation. As a result, the company can invest that capital directly into the business and generate more revenue.

Reliability: This is a massive advantage of cloud computing. All the data is saved on cloud-based computers so even if the physical equipment in your office is corrupted or malfunctions, all your business-related data remains safe at the service provider’s servers because it is regularly backed up.

Productivity: Cloud computing increases the productivity of any business. As compared to on-premise IT setup, cloud computing does not require any activities such as hardware setup, software patching, maintenance etc. The time saved because of these is spent on achieving the goals of the company.


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