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In the early 90s, companies built IT infrastructure on their premises to provide digital capabilities to run their operations. They had to procure hardware like servers, storage, networking devices, software to build their IT architecture. They had to employ and train IT personnel to run their IT systems.

Not all companies wanted to invest time, money, and resources required to procure and perform daily IT tasks, especially so when their core business is non-IT related. Thus the need for cloud based services arose. Cloud based IT services typically consist of software, database, storage and server resources delivered by a service provider through the internet.


Why are Cloud Based Services helpful?
These days, many companies offer cloud based services / solutions. These companies are called Cloud Service Providers. They charge based on the usage of computing resources offered.

We have come to embrace cloud based services in our daily routines. Examples include watching steaming online videos, uploading videos on YouTube, email communication, editing pictures or documents online etc.

Big data companies use cloud based services for designing and creating new applications.

Some use cloud services for storage and recovery of data offsite.

Some use for website designing and hosting.


Types of Cloud Based Services
We can categorize cloud services into three categories:

1) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) generally offers IT Infrastructure, Virtual Machines (VM), Storage and Network on charge.

2) Platform as a Service (PaaS) is exactly like IaaS, but it differentiates itself by offering additional components like Operating Systems (OS), Database Systems (DBMS) and Business Intelligence (BI).

3) Software as a Service (SaaS) is a licensed software or delivery model in which software is delivered. In simple word use of licensed software through the internet.
Example – Dropbox, Office365.


Why choose Cloud Based Computing
There are several reasons to use cloud based services or cloud computing providers. Companies prefer outsourcing their server requirements to be fulfilled by Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) because it helps in many ways. The primary reasons include:

  • Cloud Service Providers typically guarantee the security of all the data and servers.
  • A number of servers can be subscribed and distributed across different locations, providing resilience against physical site failures
  • Servers can be conveniently accessed from all over the world.
  • Adding and removing servers may not be as expensive as maintaining and buying new hardware.
  • Services can be customized as per requirement like numbers of servers, their locations, storage capacity and the operating systems.
  • Building and creating complicated applications become easily scalable and achievable.
  • Subscription to cloud based services can include resolving many other concerns such as troubleshooting, managing, monitoring, security, infrastructure consulting and optimization of cloud infrastructure.


Accrets International as your Cloud Service Provider
Companies possessing confidential business data choose the option of keeping and maintaining that data on a dedicated platform.

The private cloud infrastructure that Accrets International provisions allows easy access, while the data remains highly safe. For audit purposes, we provide escorted visits to our data center.

We provide services to custom build private cloud environments specific to your business and security needs.

If required, we add on Managed Services to take care of your cloud IT operations, freeing your team to focus on core business.


Cloud Based Services For Business Advantage

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