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Over the past years, companies have gradually moved from having onsite data centers to outsourcing, not just data storage, but processing power as well. There are now several services available to companies, big or small, to host their applications or store their data offsite. Aside from storage of data or the hosting of software applications, there are several other services that cloud computing companies now handle for client companies, such as security and networking. Below are some operations you should outsource to cloud computing service companies.


Data Storage And Retrieval
Early on, companies and organizations had their own onsite data storage systems. While that meant that data can be stored and retrieved quickly, it was very expensive to set up and maintain. There are several costs incurred by a company while running an onsite data storage system, such as power, managing IT personnel and so on.

This is why it is much more cost effective to have an external company do all this. Most of these companies have a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so you would only pay for what you use, instead of having an entire storage system in which only a fraction of it is in use.


Managing IT Services
While some cloud computing services give you the ability to set up and manage your data and applications yourself, they also offer their client companies managed IT services, hence eliminating the cost of employing IT professionals. The cloud computing company takes care of all IT related operations for your application, data backups and retrieval, leaving you with more time and resources to focus on other aspects of your business.


Hosting Web Applications
This is probably an operation you do not do onsite. Only a few companies and organizations host their websites and web apps onsite. And just like with data backup and retrieval, it’s more cost-effective to host your applications with a cloud service than hosting it onsite. Of course, there are several reasons a company might want to host its website or web application onsite, chief of which is security.

When hosting your web app on a cloud computing service, you can choose to manage the deployment and continuous integration of the app yourself or outsource that to the cloud service provider as well.


Security is a very important part of a business’ IT arm. Usually, if you are hosting your software applications or storing data onsite, you’d have cybersecurity experts at hand to make sure your data and applications are protected from unauthorized access. When you are hosting your application with a cloud service provider, the situation is quite different.

By default, most cloud computing companies have a certain level of security included in their services. For less sensitive data, such level of security should be fine. But you would probably want a more secure package for highly sensitive data and applications. This is where service cloud computing companies can offer additional security services like Intrusion Detection Services, DDOS protection services etc.


At Accrets International, we offer these services and more to our clients at a reasonable price. We have a top-notch team of engineers and IT professionals who will take care of all your IT needs. We also make certain our clients receive the best possible technical support to ensure their IT operations go smoothly.

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