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Over the last few years, the use of cloud desktops has become so popular among many large and small organization; this is due to the immense benefits it offers both to the organization and the user.
A cloud desktop is a cloud computing application that enables you to access your files, desktop and business applications in the cloud, with it you can work on as many devices as possible wherever you may be.
It makes use of the power of the internet to provide a fast and easy computing system for usage. As a result, you get to access multiple services and applications over a smartphone or any other internet device. This means that you have the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time without being tied to your desktop.
By using the cloud, people no longer have to store files on their devices. Instead, they can access any file and download them to their devices including smartphones, tablet, and laptops.
Also, a user can edit a file in Ms. Word or PowerPoint and send to others making it easier to work from a remote area. Some of the cloud storage providers available at present include Backblaze, Dropbox, and

How does cloud computing work?
To understand how cloud computing work, it is essential to divide the cloud into two sections which are the back-end and the front-end, both ends are connected to each other through a network which is the internet.
The front end layers are those the user sees and interact with when they access their emails or social media account. While the back-end consists of the hardware, the software architecture that fuels the interface you see on the front end.
Because all computers have been programmed to work together, the applications take advantage of all computing power as if they were running on one particular machine.
Usually, cloud computing systems are managed by a central server with the purpose of managing traffics, and clients demand in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The central server makes use of a particular kind of hardware also known as the middleware which permits networked computers to communicate with each other.
One unique feature of cloud computing is that it gives room for a lot of flexibility. Depending on the demand, you can increase how much of the cloud resources you use without the need of assigning specific hardware for the job or reducing the number of resources allocated to you when they are not necessary.
Despite the benefits cloud computing offers to both large and small organizations, there are still some problems associated with this concept. For instance, when your internet network goes down, access to files may disappear. Also, there are also issues of security and risk of various company information’s been compromised by the cloud service provider.
Finally, although cloud computing is quite a new technology that is already spreading across various sectors of the economy; it offers so many advantages to an organization and its employees.

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