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Figuring out Azure Pricing or AWS Pricing is very often a confusing and daunting task for a novice considering usage of public cloud services.  You will need to understand the different cloud cost components: various computing resource offerings, storage options, data backup structures and other add-on features.  In particular, internet bandwidth usage cost is an area that may not be obvious to organizations that have never used public cloud services before.  Very often, data traffic sent into the public cloud is free.  However, data traffic out/retrieved from the public cloud is charged by the amount of download.  In comparison, for Accrets’ private cloud, we charge bandwidth throughput reservation (if required) and do not separately charge for data upload/download usage.  See a sample of our private cloud hosting prices here.


Accrets, as a cloud integrator, can help you review your requirements and advise you on whether a public or private cloud environment is most suited for your business applications.  Very often, a hybrid cloud solution can help you balance cost effectiveness and short term workload spikes.

Accrets offers you our private cloud services, resells Azure cloud, AWS cloud, Oracle cloud, Alibaba cloud and many more.

Let us be your single point of contact to help manage the different clouds, while you focus on running your business.


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Can Private Cloud Be Cheaper Than Public Cloud ?

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