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Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft for running IT applications.

Users subscribe to resources such as compute, storage, network etc and usually pay on monthly basis.  (Very often, CFOs like this OPEX model, as opposed to the CAPEX model when their organizations purchase hardware or software upfront.)  On the virtual servers created on Azure platform, users can install different Operating Systems such as Windows Server and various flavours of Linux.

Microsoft Azure is hosted in different regions, so users can choose one most suitable for their IT operations.


How does Microsoft Azure work?

Besides subscribing to Azure, organization will also have to consider how to manage the resources purchased.  If there is limited IT expertise in-house, evaluate the possible engagement of a cloud managed services provider.

Accrets is a reseller of Microsoft Azure Subscription. Contact us to help you put together an Azure solution for your project.  Alternatively, users may also consider our competitively priced Private Cloud Infrastructure, where you can have custom security infrastructure built specifically to your needs.

We provide managed services to help clients operate their hybrid cloud environment made up of Accrets Private Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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Managing Multiple Clouds For Business Edge

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