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AWS Cloud allows users to enjoy computing resources on a pay as you use basis, without upfront purchase of hardware and software.


What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud ?

Besides subscribing to AWS, companies also have to think about how to manage the Amazon Web Services resources acquired.  If there is limited IT expertise in-house, evaluate the possible engagement of a cloud managed services provider to be their extended team.

Without having to worry about hardware and cloud computing operations, companies can focus more time looking at developing and deploying software applications that give their business competitive advantage.

Accrets help our clients to evaluate public and private cloud infrastructure to determine the optimal combination to support their business needs.

For clients that have critical business data sovereignty regulations to fulfil, usually a private cloud environment, where they know where exactly the data reside and can be audited, is the way to go.

Similar to AWS Cloud, Accrets provide Private Cloud Infrastructure that users can subscribe computing resources and pay on monthly basis.  In Accrets’ Private Cloud, our clients know where their data is hosted and we provide services to assist our clients do regulatory audits when requested.

We provide managed services to help clients operate their hybrid cloud environment made up of Accrets Private Cloud and AWS.

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Managing Multiple Clouds For Business Edge

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