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The traditional backup system has become an out of favor solution today, having been replaced by online backup solutions, also known as Cloud Backups or Backup as a Service (BaaS). BaaS is services managed by cloud service providers to secure backups and recovery of data.

BaaS is an offsite approach of data storage. In this system, all the files, folders and other data on the hard drive are stored and often backed up by the service providers through network connection to a remotely secured cloud based data vault.


The Purpose of Backup Services
The purpose of having a Backup Service is to ensure the protection of data, irrespective of it being commercial or personal information and negate the risks that accompanies data loss due to hacking, user error or any other technological mishaps.

In place of taking backups in centralized, on-premises IT departments, BaaS connects IT systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud handled by cloud service providers. This way, it’s easier to offload management and maintenance to the service providers rather than worrying about managing and rotating tapes or even having a hard disk to get your data offsite.


Benefits of having a Backup Service
Most organizations have their own backup system installed, however, Backup as a Service comes to the rescue when these backup systems lose their efficiency. You can always have the best service providers who ensure that your data and information is safe.

The best part of outsourcing backup service is that you can have access to data from remote locations in case of any system failure or outage.

BaaS is the most convenient way of storing information and data. Once the backup strategy and schedule is determined, the backup jobs are setup to automatically execute, electronically transferring backup data to a different location from the original systems, saving manual efforts of labelling and transporting backup information offsite. Hence, the convenience of BaaS is undeniable.


Importance of BaaS
Data has become one of the most valuable assets of a company and hence it is necessary to protect the data from harm. Companies can get into operation problems or legal prosecution due to the loss of data.

A slight mistake can put data in jeopardy, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it can cost companies a lot. Backup as a Service, hence, makes things easier and protects data with cloud solutions and digital processing.


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