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Emerging IT technologies in our daily lives and business have made organizations more responsive and leverage IT to create disruptive solutions that drive exponential growth in business revenues. With the rise in mobile, social and IoT technologies usage, Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Services are gaining popularity. IT managers, CIOs and CTOs are considering High Availability and DR solutions to keep their organization’s IT infrastructure running without causing business downtime.

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Services help businesses protect their IT infrastructure from IT blackout and help in building a flexible IT system that can maintain servers through the recovery process in case of any disaster, resulting in more contented customers and ultimately helping the business keep and generate targeted revenue.

According to a study, 50% of the business organizations experience loss of data at least once. So, it is highly likely that businesses will experience system failures once in their lifetime. Taking crucial steps beforehand can help minimize the damage and financial burdens caused in case of a disaster.

While running and planning smooth IT systems operations, different failure factors are considered, such as IT hardware failure (server, network and storage) and facilities problem where the IT system is hosted (like cooling system and Data Center power supply). But when it comes to the factors that are not in human control like a natural disaster (earthquake, floods, lightning fire, etc.), smart organizations plan to have separate IT systems at a different physical location, to cope with danger in case of any natural disaster and keep their business safe from any kind of loss


While preparing DR Solutions at Accrets, we consider two factors the most:

  • RTO: Recovery Time Objective – A targeted time in which an IT system should be restored after a Disaster Recovery activation
  • RPO: Recovery Point Objective – How much data a business organization can afford to lose on a restored IT system


Accrets International provides cloud based disaster recovery services on our private cloud infrastructure so that clients have a remote site to mend IT services for their business. Our DR solution help our clients achieve a secured IT environment to run critical business applications.

By using our cloud based disaster recovery services, our clients have the ultimate care-free experience without any worry of finding alternate data centers or upfront DR IT equipment purchases.

We exercise periodic DR rehearsals with clients to ensure preparedness for any kind of disaster scenario.


Be Prepared With Cloud Based DR Solutions

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