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This one thing is the most underrated asset of your business – and why you need to protect it TODAY!


There are a lot of ideas floating around regarding which is the most valuable asset of your business. Could it be your employees, your original ideas, or even your business contacts?


While all of these are important and key to the success of your business, none of them even come close to the real top asset of your business…


Every modern business not only collects this digital gold, but thrives on it. However, many business owners haven’t been made aware of just how valuable data is.

In the modern world, data should drive every business decision you make, influence every change you implement, and can make or break your business every single day.

So many people underestimate the value of data for their business, whether it’s because it is not a physical, quantifiable thing, because your competition doesn’t want you to find out, or simply because you haven’t been informed properly.

Whatever the reason, the sooner you grasp how valuable data is, the sooner you will rush to protect it and leverage it to flourish your business.

If you had 100 gold bars, you would put them in a safe, right?

Well, we are not kidding when we say that data is literally digital GOLD, so why wouldn’t you protect it with the same level of care?

There is a long list of methods you could use to protect your data, but to us, one solution reigns supreme – cloud based backups.


Cloud backups allow you to create digital backups of all of your data and store them in a secure, remote location.
You typically use the internet to transfer your data to the data backup system, via a secure encrypted tunnel, preventing any “man in the middle” from deciphering it. As the backup system is cloud based, you will be able to restore the data to any other location with the appropriate security credentials.

Cloud Based Backup Services helps you to avoid a wide range of potential threats to your data, including:

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Natural Disasters Causing Damages
  • Theft or Intentional Sabotage
  • Data Corruption

Obviously all of these things could have potentially devastating effects on your business, in extreme cases even causing a complete shutdown.


Accrets’ cloud based backup services store your critical business data in our private cloud infrastructure.

Our solutions include a host of other services surrounding the security of your data – 24/7 backup process monitoring and management, deduplication and guaranteed SLAs to name a few.

Read more about our Managed Backup Services.

Beyond backup and restoration, we can provide further services like cloud based IT Disaster Recovery.

If you have any queries about our cloud based backup services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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